Cleaning Car Washing Machine for sale online in USA for US $41

Cleaning Car Washing Machine for sale online in USA for US $41
20000/30000mAh Car Wash Gun Washer 60Bar Spray Nozzle High Pressure Cleaner for Auto Home Garden Cleaning Car Washing Machine
Specification :
Product name: Wireless car washing machine
Material: ABS and copper
Power Supply:Lithium battery
Weight: 20000mAh (2.09KG) / 30000mAh (2.34KG)
Product pressure: 60Bar
Drive: Lithium battery wireless drive
Speed: 20000 rpm
Maximum flow: 10L/min
Jet stroke: 6-10 meters
Water pipe length: 5 meters
Car washing equipment type: household car washing machine
Water source type: faucet self-priming
Scope of application: car washing, watering flowers, watering vegetables, spraying, garden cleaning, etc.
Features :

  1. Special material waterproof, water and electricity isolation is safer
  2. Self-priming/faucet 2 water inlet methods, more convenient to take water
  3. 3 Water types adjustable
    4.With temperature protection function, automatic shutdown of over temperature and overload, eliminating safety hazards
    5.Large amount of water, easy to absorb water
  4. A variety of high-quality extension accessories, cleaning is more convenient and clean
  5. Multifunctional high-pressure cleaning, very suitable for car washing, garden watering, agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning
  6. Simple installation, quick plug-in installation of all interfaces
    Package included:
    1x Washing Machine
    1x Lithium battery
    1x Charger
    1x 5m Water pipe
    1x 0° Outlet head
    1x 45° Outlet head
    1x Coke bottle adapter
    1x Extension rod
    1x Filter
    1x Foam pot
    1x Manual

Price:US $41.87
Shipping :Free

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