Mirror Recorder Dash Cam for sale online in USA for US $49

Mirror Recorder Dash Cam for sale online in USA for US $49
12 Inch Car DVR Stream Media Rearview Mirror Recorder Dash Cam Dual Lens Dashcam Mirror 1080P Video Registrator Ips Touch Screen
12-Inch Streaming Media DVR Mirror
The streaming rearview mirror uses full screen instead of the original viewing mirror. The rear
image of the vehicle is displayed on the screen in real time through the camera. Compared with the rear view mirror, it is less affected by bad weather and has a clear view. Full-screen display and 3x rear view to expand the driver’s field of vision. Keep your driving safe.
Ultra HD 1080P :
Front: Ultra HD 19201080P 30pfs Back:Ultra HD19201080P 30pfs
12-Inch Large Screen, Larger Safe Driving Vision:
WDR Supper Night Vision Function
Using a large aperture night vision lens, while the camera chip built-in night vision processing function.
Loop Recording, Parking Monitoring:
Motion Detection:
Check if there are pedestrians passing by to prevent accidents.
Automatic Reverse Safety Parking:
When the car is reversing, the device automatically switches to the rear camera image view through a 12-inch full-mirror screen.
Six Glass-Glass Lens:
12-Inch Full View Screen,2.5D Arc Edge Glass:
12-inch full-view touch screen with 2.5D curved glass mirror. Clear and smooth images are delivered without delay,and the color is more expressive!
About Buck Line (24 Hours Parking Monitor):
If DVR be shocked by any external forces like a thief while parking, it’s Parking Mode function will turn on to recording automatically ( Warm reminder, it should be used with power cable. )
Video Time-lapse:
If the kit you ordered includes our original Buck Line, in the state of parking monitoring, it can realize the time-lapse video function, record one frame per second, which can greatly save the memory capacity.

Price:US $49.13
Shipping :Free

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